Keep love in your heart. One day, there’ll be no more tears to cry…

Have you ever been betrayed by a loved one? Ever felt guilt for their mistakes? Cried, not because you feel bad for yourself but you can’t help but feel sorrow for them?

If you have or in fact felt any form of pain because of another, you’ll realize that many people is today’s ‘busy’ society will tell you to shut it out, get on with it and just forget. This isn’t as easy to do as you may think. I’ve watched it happen time and time again, where people have been hurt and they manifest their anger through bitterness and hatred because they haven’t let themselves feel what they’ve needed to feel. You need to learn to forgive and you need to FEEL. If you don’t emotions may harbor within and can turn into unattractive characteristics, such as anger and jealousy.

I would prefer to cry often, not because I’m ‘weak’ or ‘silly’ but because I’m forgiving and I’m loving. I don’t want to end up  a bitter old lady who trusts no one but her cats. Nobody does. So if you do nothing else today just make sure that you aren’t letting any emotions boil within and release anything that you may have built up because time heals and you won’t feel this way forever.

Remember this:

“Tears shed for another person are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of a pure heart.” 

― José N. HarrisMI VIDA: A Story of Faith, Hope and Love


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Much love, Emily X


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