Becoming fully vegan!

Okay, so today I’m going to write about a lifestyle change I’ve made. I’m  becoming a vegan! It’s a scary prospect, the idea of giving up pretty much all the foods I really enjoy, but I think it’ll be best for my future health and help me radiate a good energy! I’ve done plenty of research and genuinely think this could be a really positive change for me. I want to start vlogging about my progress as a vegan as I think it can have so many health benefits and people don’t know enough about it. Not only are you not contributing towards an industry of cruelty but it also makes you far more aware of all foods that you put in your body. My meals are so minimalist now and so easy to make! Here’s a documentary about a women who became raw vegan for 30 days and saw tremendous benefits. She started off with health ailments, fatigue, high stress levels and more weight than her ideal. The results the vegan lifestyle created were amazing and she managed to persuade her friends and husband to try it after the process. The documentary has many interesting facts about food and really helped me make my decision, check it out here 🙂 :

I’m going to post about how my health has been effected by this change and hopefully start vlogging about it soon!

If you’d like to keep updated with my progress just give my blog a follow! 🙂

Twitter: @emilyshappiness

Instagram: emilyshappiness

Thanks for reading!

Emily X


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