Keepin’ it salty … Deodorant Review

So I thought I’d make my first blog post about a product that I’ve recently converted to and can’t get enough of and that’s ‘Salt of the Earth: Natural Deodorant’. This product works by applying a fine layer of natural mineral salt on the skin and inhibits the produce of body odour forming on your skin.


This is the 90grams image of the product (can also purchase in travel size or spray).

I’ve become a bit addicted to natural products recently due to an ever- increasing desire to become the healthiest me possible but I feel there’s a stigma to overcome with this territory. I mean, if you mention you just use a stick of mineral salt for deodorant, people are quick to jump to  assumptions, such as, ‘you’re turning into a hippy’, ‘ what? It’s unscented? Don’t you want to smell nice?’ or  * confused/ grossed out facial expression. In such an image conscious society, it can be difficult to make the switch but here is why you should:


  • It’s just a block of anti – bacterial mineral salt (all natural). That’s it. No perfumes, no additives, no toxins. 
  • Easy application – the deodorant is is effectively like applying a roll on. The only difference is you have to apply water to the stick. You can keep it by the shower so when you get out you just roll it on and get on with it.
  • I personally have found that I have drier underarms since using this. I don’t have any yellow marks ( created by toxins in conventional deodorant) & I never smell. I feel that the deodorants I used to use would react to my skin and sometimes create discomfort and stickiness. I have yet to experience any of these issues with this deodorant.
  • It’s perfect for sensitive skin.
  • It’s ONLY ingredient has proven to work for hundreds of years!
  • It’s portable!
  • It’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • No white marks.
  • Not tested on animals.

I feel I have to point out the cons of the deodorant also, although, I have only found one:


  • The cost appears expensive at first (around the £5 mark depending on where you buy) but it can last months therefore is cheaper than the average deodorant.


  • Always dry it after use so it doesn’t disintegrate between uses. It’ll last longer!

I highly recommend this product! I bought it in-store at Exeter’s Holland and Barrett but it can be purchased in most local health food stores & online here:

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Thank you for reading,

Emily X