The most important songs in my life & a story of a great man…

So narrowing down my three favorite songs is certainly a difficult thing for me to do! I listen to sooo much music but I think I’ve chosen the three most sentimental songs that I’ve had the pleasure to listen to. For the purpose of the ‘Blogging 101’ assignment I’ve gone into detail about the memories connected to each song as well: Image

The first  song/hymn on my list is Dear Father Lord of Mankind. This hymn is absolutely touching and I heard it sang on Atonement, when the soldiers are being evacuated from Dunkirk. My Granddad recently opened up to me about his Father and how he was one of the soldiers getting ready to be evacuated from Dunkirk but was a ‘rear guard’ ( or something along those lines, I’m not very good at history) and instead of evacuating was captured by the Germans along with 40,000 other soldiers. They were being taken to either Germany or Poland. Extraordinarily, knowing his fate, him and his friend managed to escape by finding blind spots of the guards and hid in a bush for hours as every single ushered soldier was escorted to a slave labor camp. The Brits only disclosed information about the soldiers that evacuated to boost morale in the country, there is very little shared about the soldiers that didn’t make it. It isn’t widely known that many were captured and spent a life of misery as slave labor. Anyway, after the coast was clear, my Great Grandfather and his friend started to make their way across France, whilst back in England, a letter had been sent back home to my Granddad’s family saying he was ‘missing, presumed dead. This wasn’t exactly accurate as him and his friend had trekked all the way across France and managed to come home to my Great Grandmother. To everyone’s amazement he was alive ( I may write up about the entire story in length sometime as I feel it deserves to have a place in history) and the song just makes me feel so lucky to come from the family I have. They would do anything for their family and that just shows my Great Grandfather’s pure determination to live and return to his loved ones. It also shows that really miracles can happen. I know from documentaries not many people escaped that fate and if my Great Granddad hadn’t, then I wouldn’t be here today and that to me is just such a crazy thought. This song also makes me cry! For the record, I cry about 4 times a week so this might also be why. :l 

Secondly,  Hey Jude by The Beatles. This is clearly a great song and obviously most people probably rank this up there as one of their favorites. For me this is a song that brings back one of the best memories of my life. So throughout myself I was always a misfit and never would be considered ‘ cool’ or ‘popular’. I was always seeking acceptance and doing the most stupid and foolish things in order to claim it. This made me sad a lot of the time because it meant I never really knew who I was or who I truly wanted to be which I think is the case for most people during school but other people made it seem a lot easier. Long story short I ended up hanging out with the wrong crowd as I had known them since primary school and I didn’t feel accepted in any other ‘clans’. My family saw that behavior and attitude was changing rapidly and I was heading down the wrong road my Grandparents decided to send me to private school. *cue death row music. I was so scared and upset ( for some reason, I had no idea why. It wasn’t like I enjoyed the school I was at anyway) and didn’t know what to do with myself. It turned out that once I got there, it was everything I hadn’t expected. I was accepted by everyone straight away! I had actual friendships with people who I actually liked. They weren’t passive aggressively horrible to me and call me names all the time. Nobody did drugs or had drank and thought it was absolutely insane that I had smoked and drank at such an early age ( which, in fairness considering I was only 14  definitely shouldn’t have happened). I didn’t need to fit in because nobody fitted in! There were only 15 people in my entire year and they were all weird and wonderful in their own creative ways! They all loved learning and didn’t need to act older or act like idiots to impress other people. It was here that I really found my true self. 

When it was time for us to go our separate ways, when school finished, our entire year held a concert for the rest of the school and sang ‘Hey Jude’ with instruments and we all had our own verse and it was beautiful to all come together and know that we had met people at this school that even if we didn’t ever see again, we certainly wouldn’t forget! I remember being so nervous and scared for my 2 lines but it happened and was amazing! It’s the kind of thing that you take for granted at the time but when you like back you can really appreciate it for what it was. I still sometimes cry when I listen to that song. 

After the performance my Nana bought me a key chain guitar that sang the song every time you pressed the button. It’s definitely a memory I hold close to my heart!

Thirdly, I absolutely love Superchick – One Girl Revolution. For me it’s got me back up when I’ve been feeling low and down about myself. It’s a song about being you and not given a toss about what anyone else thinks. It also drives me to achieve my true potential by encouraging me to be confident and to voice my opinions even if no one is willing to listen! It’s edgy as well which makes me feel ‘cool’ when I listen to it. haha Although I am certainly not edgy. :l

Thanks for reading! This blog post has in fact been very therapeutic for me to write! If you enjoyed this post please like, follow, share or comment! 🙂 

Emily XX