Becoming fully vegan!

Okay, so today I’m going to write about a lifestyle change I’ve made. I’m  becoming a vegan! It’s a scary prospect, the idea of giving up pretty much all the foods I really enjoy, but I think it’ll be best for my future health and help me radiate a good energy! I’ve done plenty of research and genuinely think this could be a really positive change for me. I want to start vlogging about my progress as a vegan as I think it can have so many health benefits and people don’t know enough about it. Not only are you not contributing towards an industry of cruelty but it also makes you far more aware of all foods that you put in your body. My meals are so minimalist now and so easy to make! Here’s a documentary about a women who became raw vegan for 30 days and saw tremendous benefits. She started off with health ailments, fatigue, high stress levels and more weight than her ideal. The results the vegan lifestyle created were amazing and she managed to persuade her friends and husband to try it after the process. The documentary has many interesting facts about food and really helped me make my decision, check it out here 🙂 :

I’m going to post about how my health has been effected by this change and hopefully start vlogging about it soon!

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Good Mood Foods… 6 Ways to eat yourself into a good mood!


happy person eating

Hey there!

 Have you noticed feeling fatigued or having an unusually low mood? This can’t always be avoidable but you can avoid getting into unhealthy eating habits and start making some positive changes. Before you know it your mood will be enhanced! I used to eat a KFC a day and had awful physical and mental health. I have cut out junk food almost completely now and feel like I can face life’s issues with far more ease than I used to.

These foods should help you gain a spring in your step:

   1) Dark Chocolate – This food is not a chore to eat and contains serotonin, which is a natural anti-depressant.  Additionally, it is high in magnesium which calms your muscles and can reduce anxiety. My favourite is Green and Blacks.

Dark chocolate

2) Chickpeas – Chickpeas are a good source of magnesium and this can help your muscles relax. They also contain Vitamin B6 which can help the reduce irritability and depression. A great way to eat this is by making a hummus dip! It’s amazing with Rivita or chopped veg.


3)  Wholegrain rice – As with chickpeas, this staple contains magnesium and B6. Other complex carbs, such as, oatmeal, beans and wholegrain pasta can also have the same effect.

wholegrain rice

4) Berries – Tasty fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries contain anthocyanidins and anthocyanins-nutrients that aid stress reduction and depression. 

summer fruits

5) Green tea – This amazing tea contains theanine (an antioxidant) that helps you stay calm.

green tea

6) Flaxseeds – You can buy these in a grounded form and eat them on your cereal for breakfast!


Exercise has also been proven to be as effective for improving mood as medication! Although, it can be difficult to get up and move when you are feeling low, it can have a really positive impact. Here’s my blog post on some exercises I do and my favorite motivational music at the moment:

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Top Ten Workout Songs… ‘KEEP IT GOING’…

Hey there!

You won’t know this but Jillian Micheals is my IDLE. She’s such a strong minded women and has inspired me to change up my lifestyle for the better. Consequently, working out has become a staple in my daily routine, whether it be walking into work, doing a Jillian Michael’s YouTube workout (link @ the bottom) , hula hooping or skipping. However, often I decide I don’t have enough time  so opt for five minutes of hula hooping whilst I watch 8  Out Of 10 Cats on the TV!

Nevertheless,  I have noticed massive health benefits including:

  • A better sleeping pattern
  • Less anxiety
  • More ‘ get up and go’
  • Weight loss
  • A more positive mindset

So I suggest if you ain’t. You should start (if you want) – Prime example of how I differ from Jillian.



So if  Jillian isn’t enough to get you on a treadmill, maybe distraction is the best key! Music can be so uplifting during a workout that it can completely distract you from the task at hand and make working out wayyy more enjoyable.


Here’s a list of my  Top Ten, Super Fun, Workout Tracks ( at the moment):

WARNING: I think a few of these songs are a little risque… proceed with caution if you are young or get offended by that kind of stuff.

parental advisory

1) Timber – Kesha featuring Pitbull –

2) Blow – Kesha (Remix) –

3) Cataracs featuring Icona Pop – Get Ready for The Weekend (Remix) –

4) Neon Jungle – Welcome to the Jungle –

5) Little Mix – Word Up –

6) Superchick – One Girl Revolution ( this one’s for the girls) –

7) Spice Girls – Wannabe –

8) Sean Paul – We be Burnin’  –

9) Porter Robinson – Language –

10) Kanye West – Stronger –

Here’s some inspirational words from Jillian… just, because:

mad about jillian michaels


Here’s the link to her 30 minute cardio Youtube video – … I do this one as much as I can in a week ( normally 3 times) and here is her hour long workout – I try to do the latter once a week but find it difficult to fit in as often.

Good luck if you attempt them guys 🙂

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