You can’t have love without loss…

Today I want to write about loss and not specifically loved ones that I’ve lost (I’ve lost many for different reasons throughout my life). Although, I’ve never experienced the death of a loved one therefore I’m grateful for that. I want to kind of flip loss on it’s head to portray a more positive message.

In order to have lost something or someone you would in fact had to of cared for someone or had them in your life for a reason. Loss is horrible but there will always be a happy memory or maybe something that they’ve said that you can hold close to your heart for the rest of your life. Maybe someone came in your life to change your perspective or to help you overcome a hurdle. Maybe they played their part in your life and their purpose was to help you.



None of us truly understand why we have to lose someone that you can care so dearly for but realistically people come and go to help shape you as a person and to create the final person you become. Yes, we may all lose someone or something but if we shared love (which is really a beautiful thing to come across anyway) then we should be grateful for those memories or the teachings that person passed on. It’s so difficult to see the positive in times of loss but we all have our place and a journey to complete. We’ll be challenged in life and loss is definitely one of the hardest but we must accept and look forward to the future.

This was only a quick post but I must sleep now!

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