Top 5 Feel Good Songs, guaranteed to lift your mood…

We all have down days, where everything’s going wrong: that guy you like isn’t messaging you or you’ve spilled coffee all over your new top. Although trivial problems, within the greater scheme of things, they can really get you down at the time. I’ve selected a few songs that can put a smile on your face.

1) Tim McMorris – A Beautiful Life. This is one of my favorite feel good songs.

2) Tim McMorris – A Beautiful Life


3) Imagine Dragons – On Top of The World


4) Brandon & Leah – Life Happens


5) Ben Howard – Keep Your Head Up

Remember, if you are concerning yourself with the trivia’s of day- to- day life (as we all do) just think you aren’t going to live forever so just take a step back and really think, is this going to matter in five years time? If not, then why worry about it now? YOLO ( oh gosh, I can’t believe I wrote that). I’m going to be going into this in more depth in a blog post on inner peace and happiness in the near future! Of course, not all issues can be solved with a simple song and aren’t trivial so I’ll also be addressing more serious lifestyle changes to enhance your mood and well being. However, for now here’s a link to a blog post I wrote naming 6 foods that can make you lift your mood!

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Top Ten Workout Songs… ‘KEEP IT GOING’…

Hey there!

You won’t know this but Jillian Micheals is my IDLE. She’s such a strong minded women and has inspired me to change up my lifestyle for the better. Consequently, working out has become a staple in my daily routine, whether it be walking into work, doing a Jillian Michael’s YouTube workout (link @ the bottom) , hula hooping or skipping. However, often I decide I don’t have enough time  so opt for five minutes of hula hooping whilst I watch 8  Out Of 10 Cats on the TV!

Nevertheless,  I have noticed massive health benefits including:

  • A better sleeping pattern
  • Less anxiety
  • More ‘ get up and go’
  • Weight loss
  • A more positive mindset

So I suggest if you ain’t. You should start (if you want) – Prime example of how I differ from Jillian.



So if  Jillian isn’t enough to get you on a treadmill, maybe distraction is the best key! Music can be so uplifting during a workout that it can completely distract you from the task at hand and make working out wayyy more enjoyable.


Here’s a list of my  Top Ten, Super Fun, Workout Tracks ( at the moment):

WARNING: I think a few of these songs are a little risque… proceed with caution if you are young or get offended by that kind of stuff.

parental advisory

1) Timber – Kesha featuring Pitbull –

2) Blow – Kesha (Remix) –

3) Cataracs featuring Icona Pop – Get Ready for The Weekend (Remix) –

4) Neon Jungle – Welcome to the Jungle –

5) Little Mix – Word Up –

6) Superchick – One Girl Revolution ( this one’s for the girls) –

7) Spice Girls – Wannabe –

8) Sean Paul – We be Burnin’  –

9) Porter Robinson – Language –

10) Kanye West – Stronger –

Here’s some inspirational words from Jillian… just, because:

mad about jillian michaels


Here’s the link to her 30 minute cardio Youtube video – … I do this one as much as I can in a week ( normally 3 times) and here is her hour long workout – I try to do the latter once a week but find it difficult to fit in as often.

Good luck if you attempt them guys 🙂

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My top 10 Country/ Folk Songs…


I come from Devon, England. Which, if you’ve been, you’ll of realized is full of tradition and folk/ country music. When I was younger I taught myself to line dance and thrived off of my nana’s love for the genre. She still blares the country music channel through the house at 11.00pm! I feel the genre itself incorporates raw emotion unlike any other genre I’ve heard. Country music is built upon a foundation of real life stories/ feelings and reveals emotions and life experiences that really allow you to connect and relate with the artist/ songwriter on another level. Additionally, the country genre seems lesser based on the exterior of the artists and focuses more on the performance and talent of the individual, which is refreshing in such a superficial society! These are some great country songs ( in my opinion the best) so if you’ve just started listening to the genre, this is a great place to start! I’ve put a link to each song next to it’s description 🙂 :


1.Patty Griffin – Nobody’s Crying ( Not likely! I always cry like a baby when listening to this song)

2. Rascal Flatts – Here comes goodbye ( Although not written by the band, tells a really powerful story of loss and is a massive tear jerker).

3. The Band Perry – If I Die Young (This song got me as soon as I heard it).

4. Dixie Chicks – Top of the World (Need I say any more. It’s the Dixie Chicks. They are #uh-mazing).

5. Dixie Chicks – Not Ready to Make Nice

6. Dolly Parton – Letter to Heaven ( When my Nana showed me this song, I wept, as did she, for ages even after it stopped playing. Such an emotional story).

7. Jana Kramer – Hope it Rains ( I love how angry this song is but is still so fun/ not too offensive!)

8. Tammy Wynette – D.I.V.O.R.C.E ( Tammy Wynette is a true inspiration to me for having lived through many unfortunate situations and using music as a coping mechanism to get through – much like myself).

9. Miranda Lambert – Mama’s Broken Heart ( Although written by fellow country artists Brandy Clarke, Shane McAnally and Kacey Musgraves it is such an upbeat song that just makes me want to be wreckless and crazy and re live the months post – first love breakup which definitely  included too much alcohol consumption and trashy behavior!) Plus, the music video is hilarious!

10. Shania Twain – I’m gonna Getcha Good ( This isn’t my favorite of all of her songs but when it came out on the TV in 2002, I remember being so excited that Shania had made such a dramatic comeback even if she was a little less folky and a bit more poppy! She has so much attitude and it’s a great track).

I remember listening to every song on Shania Twain’s album : ‘ The Woman in Me’ on repeat for months and months  when I was really young and this is probably where my love for this genre stemmed from. Listen to the album here:

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